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l! Along the way, I saw
On the morning of May 2nd, Mom and Dad suggested that we go to Macau, and by the way, send Grandpa and Grandpa to Zhuhai, then Mom turned on the computer and set the hotel to go! I'm particularly excited that I can't even sit in the car. When we arrived in Zhuhai, we put our grandparents out of the car and took the uncle's car to the checkpoint. After exiting the customs, we took the bus to the Venetian Hotel Online Cigarettes. This hotel is very luxurious, almost like a royal palace, which has shopping centers, casinos, etc., are very beautiful, not to mention the accommodation. My mother was going around in the shopping mall, and neither my father nor I could pull her away. Alas, my mother is really a "shopaholic." In the evening, we came to a Portuguese restaurant to dine. The bread here is different from other western restaurants. The bread of other western restaurants is cut into slices. Here it is served one by one, and the surface is very crispy, but the inside is soft and soft, and then coated Butter, it's even better! I found that many of the dishes that Portuguese eat are made with curry, such as beef curry, chicken curry, crab curry, shrimp curry ... Mom and Dad ordered a table of dishes, and we couldn't stand at the table we ate. The next day, I woke my parents up early in the morning. We went downstairs and ate a sumptuous buffet before starting the next day's trip. Let's leave the hotel! Along the way, I saw the magnificent Grand Lisboa Hotel, just like a bunch of high blooming lotus flowers, and I also saw the European-style buildings left by the Portuguese. I finally came to the Rose Chapel that I especially expected! In the past Newport Cigarettes, I thought the church was a tall tower with a low house next to it. There was an ordinary cross on the tower, and it could not go in. It was very mysterious, but the rose church was completely different from what I thought: There is a need for silence, and the church is large and spacious. There is a row of seats with cushions in front of each row of seats. It is a prayer for every monk who teaches on Monday, and there are pillars painted in yellow and white Standing on both sides of the church. There are curved arches on the pillars, and there is a statue of the Virgin Mary in front of it. Later, when we went to the shopping street to eat, I liked beef jerky Parliament Cigarettes. My mother bought me a piece of beef jerky. My father likes to eat almond cookies from another store. Because he likes to eat, he bought several boxes. Later, we came to the junior bus. The junior bus was originally called St. Paul ��s College Church. However, this church has experienced three fires before. Fortunately, the precious front wall can still stand up. On the top of the cross, there is a statue on each floor, which is the Virgin Mary of Jesus. Later, it became a majestic junior bus. Finally, we left Macao reluctantly and came to Zhuhai to pick up the grandparents. I fell asleep quietly and took the surprises brought to me by Macao, and went to sleep.
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